Where We Started

Team Aftershock was formed in 1991 by merging The Lords of Discipline and Scream. The Lords were one of the most powerful, aggressive 15 man teams ever to play. They didn’t miss a step in the transition to 10-Man. The Lords were also the best 5-Man of their day, winning The Line SI International Masters, The Pocono’s, The World Cup and almost anything they entered. Featuring players like; Steve Copeland, John “Spud” Jackson, Ryan Northrup, Rob, Northrup, Tim Brown, Joe Parks, Tommy Kline and Dave Becker.

They were as intimidating off the field as they were on it. No team before or since has carried the intimidation end of the game to the same heights as the Lords of Discipline… Period. Scream was a younger up and coming team. They had finished second to the Lords of Discipline in a couple large national events as well as local events, just not having the experience or horse power of the Lords. Scream featured players; Renick Miller, Gary Noblett, John Verwey, Fred & Donna Eicke, Bill Elza, Bruce Tognettie, Al Hoder, Tom Hunter, “Screamin” Dave Fuson and Michael Karmin. Scream played a fast aggressive game, never intimidated by stronger teams they always took the game to their opponent winning and losing along the way but always staying true to the push forward style of play.

The two teams bumped heads at various National and Regional events for a number of years. The Lords of Discipline began losing veteran players due to non paintball related issues. At the same time Scream was getting stronger adding players like Steve Elbrecht and Phil (working on last name). A merger had been discussed between Steve Copeland and Renick Miller a couple of times but never was finalized.

In 1990 it became a necessity when at the lively productions version of the Chicago Open the Lords of Discipline let everyone know it wasn’t misguided emotion to be intimidated by them. An Ohio based team called the Crow Warriors decided to overshoot the Lords of Discipline in a game they may have won outright but we’ll never know since once the Lords of Discipline players realized what was happening, it changed from being a paintball game to an ass-beating contest.

The Crow Warriors were better suited to play paintball, but win the battle and lose the war. While the Lords of Discipline won the fight they received a lifetime ban from the tournament promoters. Renick Miller received a call from Steve Copeland shortly after, they continued to talk over the winter, and then had a meeting and Aftershock was born in the spring of 1991.

Several players on both teams decided to retire rather than continue. The roster that remained was; Renick Miller, Steve Copeland, Gary Noblett, John “Spud” Jackson, Steve Elbrecht, Ryan Northrup, Fred Eicke, Rob Northrup, Donna Eicke, Tim Brown, Bruce Tognetti, and Michael Karmin along with others.

Aftershock took 1991 and 1992 to gel and add players. Always a top 3 contender they were unable to realize their full potential. Then in 1993 it all came together, the team added superstar players Danny Love and Mike Bruno. Aftershock won the Boston Open, the World Cup and the International Masters (5 man and 10 man). After that point Aftershock never looked back, winning more N.P.P.L 10 man events than any team in history and more N.P.P.L 10 man World Cups than any other 3 10-Man teams combined.

Aftershock’s roster reads like a who’s who of the greatest players of all time. Some have played their entire careers as a team member and others have chosen to move on. With the new way players move from team to team Aftershock is in a continuous state of transition. Currently considered an upper echelon team, but not the overwhelmingly dominate team of the past years. Aftershock is looking to rise back to the pinnacle of the PSP Pro division with this years current roster.

Being a competitive team is not possible without support both from sponsors and friends. Aftershock has been extremely lucky in that many of our sponsors where and still are friends as well. Loyalty we’ve given it and received it and need to acknowledge it because we will never forget it.

First and foremost we must thank David Freeman of Direct Connect, PMI, and Ultimately Kee. A long time good friend and sponsor David and Aftershock put together the longest running relationship in the industry, beginning in the late 80s and running through until David’s retirement in 2008. 20 plus years of shooting the best paint will get you some trophies and we’ve got plenty of those, thanks in part to David Freeman and PMI.

John and Rita Gregory of JT USA were the very first to approach us with a head to toe, all encompassing sponsorship. They gave us what we needed to look and act professionally, well at least we looked professional. We stayed with JT until the Gregory’s left with the sale of their company, together we won several world championships and always looked forward to seeing them at events.

Dave and Rhonda DeHaan of Dye, while they most certainly are still in the industry guiding what is probably the strongest high-end brand through this tough economy, we are no longer together. Having parted company with them beginning in the 2009 season, after years of working together, the seperation will never detract from the previous relationship. Easily the two most generous people we have ever had the great pleasure of working with. If the team needed something, literally anything, Dave and Rhonda would make it happen. Great people running a great company.

Dan Colby of Air America and now Guerrilla Air. If you’ve never had the chance to hang out with this guy, make sure you find the time. Bring a crash helmet but definitely make it one of your life’s goals. A great guy with a true Chicago attitude, Dan and the companies he’s owned and run fit perfectly with Aftershock.

The man, the legend, Bud Orr of Worr Game products. Working with Bud allowed us to take guns and gun performance to unheard of levels prior to the electronic gun days. Having the best players use the best equipment generally brought the best results.

Rose from Unique Sporting Goods, always there with the best harnesses, custom made to the individual players needs. From Gary Noblett to Danny Love, Rose would have us covered. Quick with a compliment, hug, or candy hidden in your harness Rose was the best, just don’t drink her orange juice.